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A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.

Mary Lou Retton

Sports are about those incredible moments where sheer human will  desire and overcomes the odds. These are the moments we rememberDay scholars and Boarders enjoy ample time in the play grounds spread over 25 acres. Variety of sport training are given to students such as football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Athletics, group games and Individual games.

We have five coaches for sports. Each of the sporting activity is guided and trained by these coaches eminently preparing the students for competitions in and around.

Teaching swimming as a life skill


As swimming is a life skill, we teach our day-scholars and boarding students to learn swimming.

A well maintained and hygienic pool is equipped with sand filter. Students train under professional coaches with utmost safety and precautions. The students participate in swimming competitions and have brought laurels to school.

Sports at SRS


Since the inception of the school SRS has emphasised on physical activities to its students.  

Sports hours are from 3.40 pm to 5.45 pm every day

The school has two tennis courts and identifies skilled students earlier on to train them.  




Yoga is a way of life at SRS, asana, pranayama, meditation, yama and niyama is taught to students and practiced by them diligently.  

Throw Ball

School has two throw ball courts, three basket ball courts, a foot ball court, a cricket field, an athletic track amongst other sports facilities spread over 15 acres for sports infrastructure.  

Students and staff are encouraged to take up a sport for the sheer sportsmanship and for keeping fit.  


Foot Ball

A sprawling football field at the backdrop of the mountains of Sandur