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Sandur Residential School was started at a time when good residential schools with a broad based progressive outlook were few in number.  The school began with three rooms, three teachers and three students in 1959.  Today it is an established and a respected institution and one of 81 select schools to be accorded membership to the Indian Public Schools Conference. 

House Mothers and House Masters are at the helm of affairs coordinating the day to day functioning of the dormitories along with a team of dedicated staff working tirelessly towards the social and emotional needs of the girls and boys residing in the school.

The architecture of the dorms is homely but highly efficient from functional point of view.

There are 11 spacious dorms with a courtyard, TT room, Guestroom and TV room separately keeping in mind the wants of the students accommodating 450 boarders, 3 dorms for girls and 7dorms for boys, in addition to this there is an adjacent residence for each of House Mothers and House Masters.

Quick facts

  • Over 400 girls and boys stay as boarders
  • There are 11 Houses
  • First Dormitory was constructed in 1962
  • Each House has a House Master or a House Mother

Life of a boarding student

A typical day in the life of a boarding student begins with rouse at 05:15 am. It is followed by a glass of hot ragi malt there onwards they head out for a cross country adventure through the lush green surrounds and physical training.
Post their school hours there is a system called ‘Prep’ which begins with meditation followed by one subject teacher supervising the students for guidance and clarification of doubts. The students here complete assignments and receive personal attention for academic guidance between  6 pm to 7.30 pm each day. This is followed by dinner and the 2nd prep must be undertaken by themselves at the dorms. The students are given some free time before they head to bed.
Weekends are combination of programmes such as counselling, indoor and outdoor games, cleaning, movies and a time to connect with their parents. Dorm night is organized every month to draw and showcase talents to erase stage fear and to have fun. 

The students during admission are provided a check list to meet their requirements during their stay at the dorm. A tuck shop in the campus is situated to meet other requirements of the students like stationery and personal essentials.

The campus has a dispensary with a visiting doctor. And in case of emergency there is a hospital which is about a kilo meter from the school. A trained and committed nurse resides in the campus to attend to children 24/7. School vehicle with a driver  resides in the campus 24/7 for quick conveyance in case of emergencies.

Sandur Residential School is a family working and striving to give its support to the needs and comforts of the boarding students and cater to every detailing necessary with innovation and adoption for the holistic all-round development of the children

Life at SRS Boarding

For thousands of students who have passed out this campus has provided a home away from home. The school continues to provide excellent care and nurturing.  

A typical day starts at 5.15am and they are taken care of for the rest of the day.