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Primary school

Foundation to our budding students

Our primary classes are from 1st to 5th  grade.

Culminates the blooming buds between age group of 6 years to 11 years. Here they are nurtured and fine-tuned for foundational skills and numeracy skills that is overall language development and decoding skills as per NEP 2020 (National Educational Policy).

Students here attend inclusive classrooms built by incorporating play, discovery and activity-based pedagogies linking them to daily life situations.

Enabling them to become motivated, independent, and engaged readers and writers.

* The students at this level acquire the skills to understand reasoning domains

* Use of efficient high quality and culturally responsive teaching learning materials

* 4 Assessments and Tracking levels of students.

Thus, lays emphasis and prioritize Foundational Learning.

Igniting young minds 

At the crucial age group between 6 and 11 we delicately handhold each child as they are vigorously learning and begin to think on their own

Our Primary school teachers