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Learning young

The nursery section of the school comprises of Pre KG, LKG (Lower Kinder Garten) UKG ( Upper Kinder Garten) for an age group of 3 to 5 year old children. 

The tiny tots share a separate part of the school campus of the wholesome structure called Bal Bhavan with an exciting play area, colorfully painted walls and peppy furniture with a remarkable package of learning aids for wholesome development of the student.   

The Bal bhavan and its teachers and care givers focus on physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional well-being of a child.

The components of wholesome development aim at Creative plans like

* Recognition, reading and writing

* Comprehension and communication

* Innovative weekly activities

* Fine motor skills

* Field trips

* Home and school etiquette

Activity filled days

Apart from regular school days and play time, we celebrate festivals, have activities such as fire less cooking, color days, crafts, arts, music and tour of the campus filled with birds and plants.  

Our Nursery school teachers