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High school

Foundation for the life ahead

This stage culminates to expand and corelate concepts in the real world to acquire basic cultural elements, especially humanistic, artistic, scientific, and technological aspects.

The essential module at this domain provides.

·       Develop and strengthen their hard work and study habits

·       Prepare them for further studies and career options

·       Train them to exercise their rights and duties in life as citizens

·       Develop and consolidate discipline and teamwork

·       Appreciate and respect gender differences

·       Reinforce emotional abilities

·       Obtain basic competencies in the field of technology like information and communication technology

·       Apply methods to identify problems in different areas and develop critical sense and personal initiative ability to develop learning and grow into a good human being.

We provide rigorous and challenging programmes which prepares the students to develop skills required to excel at the preuniversity and university level. Students develop a sense of their own identity, thrive on in-class enrichment activities and out-of-class skill building endeavours. Such an array of learning experiences combined with rigorous and relevant curriculum build a strong foundation for future studies. We focus on independent and self driven learning and students are provided with opportunities to sharpen their leadership skills. 


Shaping young adults

Catering to young adults it is designed to make practical connections between what the students study and the real world. Thus, preparing them for success in both academics and their chosen careers. 


Our High school teachers