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Teacher training

The biggest challenge before the educational institutions is not the financial resources, infrastructure but the availability of quality teachers. Teaching is the only profession that constantly interacts with the future and shapes it. To make the future brighter, the most appropriate way is to empower our teachers and train them in all the essential aspects – content enrichment, methodology and attitudes

If schools in the rural areas and tier 2 and 3 cities have good teachers, then the change will be faster as children in schools will be influenced through the teachers and the cascade model of change in society will be implemented. Thus, not only will the quality of instruction be good but also the schools will become empowering centres for social change.

Finishing School for Teachers (FST). It is a three month programme where B.Ed., D.Ed and other graduates are trained in Communication Skills, Life Skills and pedagogical skills with an equal emphasis on enriching their subject knowledge, all based on the foundation of Indian Values. This programme truly equips the trainees to plan well, teach creatively and assess authentically. The course has also offered 100% placement support for the successful candidates.