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All India IPSC YOGA Tournament 2023 -24

SRS hosted the All-India Indian Public Schools’ Yoga Tournament 2023 on 17 and 18 October 2023 consecutively for the second year. Eleven top notch IPSC schools from across the country participated in the event.

Participating Schools

Inauguration ceremony

The opening ceremony was held on the school campus grounds, encircled by hills, with the school flags waving in the wind alongside the IPSC flags, creating a picturesque panoramic view.

 Shri. Sandeep Patil, IPS adorned the occasion as the Chief Guest. Our School Director, Mr. Bahirji A Ghorpade, Mrs. Suryaprabha A Ghorpade, Smt Vaishnavi B Ghorpade and Ekambar Ghorpade too graced the occasion along with other dignitaries.

The programme commenced with a lineup of plethora of events. Declaring the meet open by releasing pigeons and lighting of the lamp paved a pathway to the startup of a smooth, fair and never giving up attitude during the competition.

March past from the eleven top notch schools from all over India being the spectacular event of the day with fluttering flags. Youthful hearts singing, striving with heart and soul with a will to reach the goal was a festive treat to the eyes.

Thus gave the go to the commencement of events on 17 October 2023.

Competition stage, judges and support staff

Immediately, after the inauguration without any delay the participants and the organizers proceeded towards the competition venues – Golden Jubilee Hall, Bal Bhavan and Open Air Theater. The events were conducted separately and simultaneously for both boys and girls.

Closing ceremony

The Wind Down of the All India Indian Public Schools' Conference Yoga Tournament  was perched in the Diamond Jubilee Block on  18 October 2023.

 The Chief Guest for the day was Shri. Gopal B Hosur, IPS (Rtd).

Guest of Honour : Dr. Niranjan Murthy retinued by  Shri Bahirji A Ghorpade, Director, SSS, Smt. Yashodhara S Ghorpade,Smt. Suryaprabha A Ghorpade, Shri. Aditya Ghorpade, Smt. Ashwini Ghorpade, Smt. Vaishnavi B Ghorpade, Manasvi Ghorpade and other dignitaries.

The Chief Guest, Shri Gopal B Hosur, IPS (Rtd) addressed the gathering and prioritized students of this era as the luckiest ones to have been born in the developing world where one has every advantage and scope to achieve their goals.

He also addressed the gathering quoting - With perseverance and hard work, maybe one day one or many among the participants will represent Yoga in the Olympics. He also appreciated the long running tradition and piety being kept alive even to this day by the Royal family of Ghorpade.

Awardees were recognized by honoring Individuals and teams with medals and trophies for their significant achievements in various events.

The Emerald Heights International school bagged the Overall Championship for both Boys and Girls.

Judges and Coaches too were presented with mementoes for their contributions.

Until it was time for some great official pixies with coaches and teams respectively.

Thus the curtain was brought down followed by the Principal' s dinner.

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IPSC Yoga Tournament Short Video

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