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Continuous connection to nature

With over 400 trees, there are various birds and langoors on the campus.  Sandur valley has leopards, sloth bears,  four-horned antelopes, wolves and jackals among other animals. A part of Daroji Bear Sanctuary is in Sandur Taluk. Sandur valley is the migratory home to a wide variety of birds.

In 1973, Kumar Ghorpade, an entomologist at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru, published an article titled Preliminary notes on the Ornithology of Sandur, Karnataka in the journal of Bombay Natural History Society. He listed about 166 species of birds including Ultramarine flycatcher, Grey-headed canary flycatcher, Vernal hanging parrot, Crested treeswift.

The oval shaped valley has innumerable natural water springs and water reserves in rocks. Narihalla, the lifeline of Sandur, ends in a dam built near Taranagara. Tigers, Chinkaras and Sambar Deer roamed freely in Sandur till the 1960’s.

Langoors and bats

On the campus one can often spot the langoors watching over human activities from the trees. 
Hundreds of bats have made certain trees their habitat for over 40 years. Many alumni's reminiscence about these bats and how they have moved trees over the years.  
Students have learnt to co-exist with them and it is a part of their every day life!