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Enquire and visit


An important decision you make as a parent is choosing a school for your child. The School invites aspiring applicants for admission. If you or your child is a keen learner, want a sprawling campus rich in flora and fauna and a centre for great teaching and learning for an all-round development, then Sandur Residential School is the place to be.

Our admissions team is committed to assist you in your search for the best possible school for your child. We welcome and encourage prospective parents and students to visit the school and its facilities to experience who we are and what we do.

The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, colour, gender or national origin. We do, however, limit the number of students based on our capacity to provide required learning support individually. We follow best practices and maintain the desired student to teacher ratio.

While most students join school at the beginning of each academic year, we understand that some may arrive at a later date. Based on availability of places and for exceptional circumstances we are happy to admit students throughout the year.


Inviting you to visit our school

We invite families to visit us and share in the Sandur Residential School experience.  

Our team will take you around and to show you our campus